On Being yoked……

I was always ask myself how cows that were yoked during the subsistence farming era felt about the situation they were in .I mean two cows who just happen to be thrust together now have to work together and keep their master happy by doing the right thing.

Here are a few definitions and examples of the term yoke from Merriam Webster dictionary.

a :  a wooden bar or frame by which two draft animals (such as oxen) are joined at the heads or necks for working together b :  an arched device formerly laid on the neck of a defeated person c :  a frame fitted to a person’s shoulders to carry a load in two equal portions d :  a bar by which the end of the tongue of a wagon or carriage is suspended from the collars of the harness e (1) :  a crosspiece on the head of a boat’s rudder (2) :  an airplane control operating the elevators and ailerons f :  a frame from which a bell is hung g :  a clamp or similar piece that embraces two parts to hold or unite them in position

See how everything suggests unity and coming together of two?. Well in the case of animals they don not have much of a choice. With humans though its different we yoke and then try and figure out how to move from there ,moving isn’t necessarily automatic or in the same direction.

As a young wife i often ask whether the situation between two married people is no different .Like one day you wake up and decide I know this person enough to marry them.There is nothing wrong with that ,but there is everything wrong with one day waking up to realize you have stranger next to you.At that moment I am sure you panic and ask yourself how did i get here.? After your panic moment you take a deep breath and tell yourself that now is the moment to start again ,to study the stranger you live with.At this stage we either make or break our relationships .That is were we realize that even though we want the same things we have different ways of attaining them .

That is when we realize how selfish we are as humans ,how we often want our way .I am still at the make or break stage therefore can not write much on this experience. I wish i had known that the race starts on the evening of the wedding night , it continues the next day and its yours to run .Its up to you to condition yourself to either run with your partner or stand and watch mmmmmmm what to do…..?


We must move on !!!

Ever heard the phrase “the show must go on “?

I recently have come to realise that no matter bad things may seem in your life ,the sun will rise tomorrow. The sun will literally rise and life must move. The only problem with that is that life moves , the carousel turns but you feel stuck .

I have good news for you though , the sun rising definitely means that you have been given a second chance. ,It may not be a cure to your problems but it’s a chance a changing your situation .Mentally ,spiritually and for some physically .So take that chance !!I’m doing so , my life begins now 28yrs later lol.I finally see what has been missing 🤗 .

I encourage you to do a self audit and look for what’s missing .If you find it keep it , if you don’t keep looking we all find it just make sure you are awake when you find it .

Good day to you !!

Right and wrong

Often we make choices based on what we think the situation is forcing us to do.Like for example If i neglect to type an assignment till the due date ,i may choose to lie to the lecturer because i think he will be more understanding if i don’t tell him that I was lazy to do research and even lazier to type.

Lets think about it for a moment I know I have an assignment but I do other things and I hardly make time for it simply because it is not nice to slave away whilst I have an option of not slaving away. Same principle can apply to some bad  choices we make. The right thing to do is sometimes not the fun thing to do and that is a fact.

That being said why do we as adults still make the decisions that aren’t necessarily good.The answer lies in that simply because we have made bad choices a habit .We are so used to giving ourselves options instead of doing the right thing , sometimes we don’t even realize that therein some choices we favor wrong over right because wrong is simpler and easier. Right makes us sleep better at night but for some reason wrong is just very close to second nature.

If you decide today to make 50% of your choices based on  right  then maybe you can teach yourself a new habit , start the culture of right in our choices  and eventually wrong will have its meaning again.

Wildness is a necessity!!!





I have become

  1. I am  zombie .A living zombie , money making machine with no life within .My value does not go beyond my production limit.






  1. That is how is for most of us our value is in our output .We spend all our days scheming and thinking of ways to make more of what we have.Don’t get me wrong I believe in hard work but I also believe in taking a break .I believe in being wild (within the law of course).I believe in taking risks, climbing mountains , racing cars , playing drums and dancing , I believe in loving without fear , kindness beyond human comprehension I believe in wildness . We can tell ourselves that hard work and money is all we need for s better life but in the end you could die before you spend your money .You could get old and simply spend your money on medicine to keep you alive.
  • That is a normal life a somewhat boring life just like the one I’m living now .That’s what everyone thinks is ok …..I DO NOT want just an ok life but rather a bold life , a wildlife , a life making the most , a life of choices a life make  only few of us have the energy to  live.
  • Will you join me on that path where we make what society terms as the hard choices , make that choice to live to do even the tiniest things that you think you will be judged for .Most of all will you live your wild life and enjoy your wild life .?

The choices we make whether good or bad have repercussions, let that statement sink in .Never let that statement stop you from making good wild decions😊.

What is confidence?

Social media is one of the greatest influences of the 21st century.We see everything ,hear  everything and like it or not we are influenced by social media.

I have noticed that a lot of people seek attention through these posts ,either by exposing their sorrows for all of us to see or simply showing us a lot of skin.Inn a world where liberalism is taking over the simple thing is to let them do what they want .I would like to think that somethings we see are an eyesore.A lot of these  sorrows can easily be discussed and solved in private ,actually sometimes you may not receive the sympathy you are booking for ,you may get backlash and nasty comments from those who were seeking comfort from .So be wise about how much of your sorrow you share and try and solve your problems instead of posting them for other people to see and Judge.

Lets be honest clothes serve 2 purposes ,to cover us  and to protect us from weather elements. Do i need to walk around half nude so as to prove that I am confident about my body?. If so cant i be confident whilst fully covered and clothed ?.

Confidence should not be associated with you clothes or lack of clothes .It should be something that is within .Something you gain and master with time .We need to realize that sharing sorrows and nudity is not equal to confidence.

Taking a new journey

I have been living blind for the past 27 , just flowing with the masses and getting lost somewhere in there.My journey begun in 2010 when I realized how much i needed to be in touch with nature, who much we waste time looking for answers to questions we need not to ask.

Obviously these where baby steps and many a mistakes were made , too many actually  (chuckle out loud).

I want to talk about it all ,my return to innocence ,the return to love and to finding how amazing life is even from a skeptics point of view .